Stasis Water Systems

Upgrades and Accessories

We carry a variety of add-on products like water coolers, chillers, pressure regulators, leak control devices, and designer faucets.

Water softener

Save your plumbing and water appliances from the harsh effects of hard water with a water softener, sized to suit your family or business. We specialize in Fleck and Clack systems.


Removes up to 98% of Total Dissolved Solids from your in-coming tap water for great tasting, high quality water, ideal for cooking and drinking. 

Stasis pH-NEUTRAL ro system

Does everything a reverse osmosis system does with the added benefit of a re-mineralizing calcite filter to neutralize the pH of your drinking water.


All of our water softeners and reverse osmosis systems are made locally in Gilbert, Arizona. To ensure the best quality water possible and long-term reliability, we use only the highest quality filters and components, resulting in products we are proud to stand behind.